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We Padel10 are a specialised sports turf supplier; no doubt our wide experience within the Padel Industry with well over 5000 installed Courts brings our installer team this sector leadership.

We provide two Padel turf types: monofilament or texturised/curly (less sand type). All them from MONDO or ACT,  last gen products, Mondo is World Padel Tour exclusive supplier and Premier Padel T0ur.

Artificial turf was accepted, both for comfort and performance reasons, as the best lawn since Padel became mainstream. The R+D applied allows to keep developing the surface performance both for professional and amateur practice.

Our portfolio covers different ranges of specific products not only meant for elite Padel gameplay but also academy and initiation levels. Our artificial turf system became the first one achieving Spanish Padel Federation, World Padel Tour and International Padel Federation homologation.

We do have different colors to favor the contrast of the ball in different environments apart from the different types of turf we have. You can find them in classic green, electric blue used by World Padel Tour, orange and purple.

STX Supercourt

World Padel Tour Central Court artificial turf system, STx Supercourt, highlights from the textured effect of its filaments, providing greater rotational and longitudinal traction(Grip), increasing the grip and therefore improving the safety and performance on player moves.

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Professional experience

We took profit from the knowledge achieved by being World Padel Tour’s Official Supplier to optimize artificial turf system’s development.

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    New Mondo Supercourt turf XN:for padel courts. MONDO PADEL XN SUPERCOURT 2022