Padel Court Lighting

We light up your Padel Court

PADEL10 in a venture with the lighting company LEDNIX from Europe, has developed a range of exclusive LEDs meant for Padel Courts.

Our LED projectors have been specially designed for Padel Courts, achieving a clean and homogeneous lighting, optimal for the practice of this game. Our Court lighting complies with the regulations of the Spanish Padel Federation and the International Padel Federation.

Since every single demand is different, we carry out a study and provide the fitting solution according to the specific requirements.

According to the chart down below, we need to split from the game purpose (competition) as well as an Indoor or Outdoor location.

LED Padel Court projector main advantages

  1. Instant ignition, so you can make the most of the player’s time on the court, unlike the traditional halide spotlights delayed to reach maximum brightness.

  2. Low heat emission, highly recommended in Indoor Padel courts due to its small size.

  3. Energy saving, our LED spotlights save up to 60% of energy compared to traditional halide lamps.

NIDE Standards

According to NIDE standards, Padel Court lighting will be uniform and not harming the players, the refereeing team or the spectator vision. It will comply with the UNE-EN 12193 standard that refers to “Lighting of sports facilities”.


We do recommend swapping 8 conventional halogen 400W bulbs for 8 150w or 200w projectors, according to each case requirement. Our LED spotlights save up to 60% of energy compared to traditional halide lamps.

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