About Us

PADEL10 is a company fully dedicated to the Padel Court manufacture, installation and maintenance. Widely experienced on iron and glass hardware our company focused on the Padel Industry back on 2007. February the 25th was Padel10’s tenth anniversary.

We run our own manufacturing studio in Barcelona; no third parties are involved. Our human resources lead in each Court process: construction, installation and maintenance, from engineers to specialized installers within the Padel Industry. All our budgets can come together with a diagram & 3D rendering study.

Padel10 spreads its activity both nationally and internationally. Padel Court manufacturing and installing is our core business mainly targeted to Sport Clubs, Accommodation & Leisure Venues, Public Institutions and Private Entrepreneurs… currently well over the 60% of our sales are already international.
Back to 2012

Padel10 designed and manufactured the very first Court meant for an elite professional world series, the World Padel Tour. We won a contest in which the first portable and fully panoramic Court of the world was requested. Back then the slogan was: ‘TV and Stadium viewers might be able to enjoy the spectacular nature of this sport like never before’. The World Padel Tour Court modelling has been evolving year by year, following on the philosophy sharped by Padel10.

From 2018 we proudly enjoy on an exclusive basis the privilege and guarantee of being the only company in the sector obtaining the homologation from the renowned and prestigious International Padel Federation (FIP), which implements added value and extra benefits for our customers.

Full quality committed on our duties, we provide the best Court Range within the industry. 10 years worldwide background supporting us. We have installed well over 1500 Courts in the 5 continents.

We would be delighted to help you run your project. Please, Contact us.


Installed Padel Courts 2019-2020

2 Pistas de Pádel Panoramicas
(Premiá de Mar, España)
7 Pistas de Padel
(Arenys de Munt, España)
3 Pistas de Pádel Panorámicas
(Pals, España)
2 Pistas de Padel
(La Escala, España)
2 Pistas de Pádel
(Gironella, España)
2 Pistas de Padel
(Fogars de la Selva, España)
3 Pistas de Padel Indoor
(Gironella, España)
1 Pista de Padel Portatil
(Bratislava, Eslovaquia)
4 Pistas de Padel
(Malmö, Suecia)
1 Pista de Pádel
(Kisakallio, Finlandia)
2 Pistas de Padel PRO10 Panorámicas
(Nummela, Finlandia)
5 Pistas de Padel Panoramicas Portatiles
(Ámsterdam, Países Bajos)
1 pista de Padel
(Genk, Bélgica)
5 Pistas Panorámicas TOP10
(La Teste-de-Buch, Francia)
2 Pistas de Pádel + 2 Mini Padel
(Bastia, Francia)
3 Pistas de Pádel
(Quito, Ecuador)
2 Pistas de Pádel en Ecuador.
(Quito, Ecuador)
3 Pistas de Padel Panorámicas
(Helsinki, Finlandia)
2 Pistas de Padel en Panamá
2 Pista de Pádel Creixell.
(Creixell, Tarragona.)
9 Pistas de Padel Qatar
1 Pista de Pádel en Shangai
2 Pista de Pádel en Abu Dhabi
(Abu Dhabi)
2 Pistas de Pádel Melbourne
(Melbourne, Australia.)
1 Pista de Pádel Johannesburg
(Johannesburg, Sudáfrica.)
2 Pistas de Pádel Punta Cana
(Punta Cana, República Dominicana)
1 Pista de Pádel Seychelles
(Victoria, Seychelles)
1 Pista de Pádel Club10 Le Roeulx
(Le Roeulx, Bélgica.)
1 Pista de Pádel WPT Namur
(Namur, Belgica.)
1 Pista de Pádel Servon
(Servon, Francia.)
2 Pistas de Pádel Worms
(Worms, Alemania)
2 Pistas de Pádel Herne
(Herne, Alemania)
1 Pista de Pádel, Trier
(Trier, Alemania)
1 Pista de Pádel Dinamarca
(Copenague, Dinamarca)
3 Pistas de Pádel Club10 Guayaquil
(Guayaquil, Ecuador.)
2 Pistas de Pádel Club10 Quito
(Quito, Guayaquil.)
1 Pista de Pádel Club10
(San Juan, Puerto Rico.)
4 Pistas de Pádel Guayaquil
(Guayaquil, Ecuador)
3 Pistas Club10 en Quito
(Quito, Ecuador.)
3 Pistas en Espluges del Llobregat, Barcelona.
(Espluges del Llobregat, Barcelona.)
1 Pista de Padel Panorámica en Malmo, Suecia.
(Malmo, Suecia.)
3 Pistas en Castellgalí, Manresa.
(Castellgalí, Manresa.)