We take care of your Padel Court.

The acquired experience of well over 10 years in the Manufacture and Installation helps us to offer our best services in the maintenance and repair of Padel Courts.

Mantenimiento de Pistas de Pádel

● Cleaning off the surface dirt from the artificial turf, dust deep vacuuming, mud, rubber waste, worn fiber …
● Elimination of grass, mold spots and dampness of the Padel court. We use bio friendly herbicides.
● Machinery anti-defibrillation works of Padel artificial grass fields. Brushed in different directions to avoid the fiber lying down.
● Beware of the lawn breaks or cuts, paying special attention to avoid the appearance of surface tears due to damp, blows, dilatations, etc.
● Uniformly redistribution of the artificial turf infill sand.

Padel Court Repairs

● Replacing or steam engine cleaning of Court glass panels. See page: change of crystals for paddle tennis courts.
● Replacing the artificial grass of your Padel Court. See page: Artificial turf for paddle courts
● Padel Court net substitution.
● Maintenance / repair of the lighting system or Halogen to LEDS swapping. See page: Sports lighting.
● Change of the original Court screws and glass fasten.
● Glass protecting neoprene substitution. Glass breakage can occur due to the lost original properties.
● Court wall, poles or mesh painting.
● Concrete wall Padel Court repairing. Ductile/simple torsion mesh swapping into electro welded.

The importance of brushing the turf

The periodic brushing aims for 3 different objectives:
– Keeping uniformity on the amount and distribution of sand throughout the whole surface
– Ensuring the verticality of the turf pile and eliminate organic waste, leaves …
– Providing a better ball bounce, an optimal sliding of the player and lengthen the life spam of the surface.

Simple torsion mesh swapping to electro welded (ductile to rigid mesh)

Most of the Courts built in the 90s, especially the ones made on concrete wall, use the simple torsion mesh (ductile). Our company replaces the mesh by the electro welded (rigid) type offering greater strength and playability.

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