Padel Court Roofing

Padel Rooftop

Our covers are specially designed for Padel Courts. Ideally meant both for day and nighttime games, sunny day or even against stormy weather conditions.

QuickboX ™ fixed roof applied for Padel Courts is an aluminum and polycarbonate structure based covering allowing the game in adverse conditions in those courts already built outdoors, increasing the profitability of the Court.

QuickboX ™ fixed roof consists of two different parts: A lower one formed by metal pillars, joined at the head by a beam shaped channel, oven-lacquered and hot-dip galvanized steel that remains fixed on a foundation to be laid in the ground. The upper part is formed by a FIXED cover of curved aluminum that is divided into 10 different 2.12m modules, which are joined to each other and all in turn to the previous channel, with which we obtain a set of great strength and elegance.

The top cover is closed by 8mm colorless cellular polycarbonate, which allows a high rate of sunlight crossing (more than 90%) then no daylight is lost.


Main advantages of our PadelCurved Covers

  • Avoiding the blinding direct sun in the central hours of the day.
  • It allows playing on rainy days.
  • No se produce la condensación en los cristales
  • None condensation on the glass panels.
  • Prevents the Court moistening from the morning dew..
  • Split Court corridor covers available.
  • Ice white polycarbonate finish nor colorless but in ice white finish, with a large passage of light, nor colorless but high rated daylight crossing.
  • Different color combos.
  • Rigid, stable and durable materials. 10 year guaranteed.

ISO - Tüv Rheinand

All the cover development is supervised by a qualified Technical Office and based and under control of ISO 9001 Quality System certified by the prestigious Tüv Rheinand Germany.

Polycarbonate cover, greater luminosity and better insulation

The cellular polycarbonate has a high level of transparency reaching up the 90%.

Unlike glass, it refracts light better, getting a smoother and more uniform effect on the Court.

This way the court backside uncomfortable reflections taken place in other opaque ceilings 100% shaded at its inner side of the court.

Meanwhile, polycarbonate shows a good behavior at extreme temperatures without deforming.

Padel Roofing Photos

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