PADEL10 becomes the main Padel court supplier in Switzerland

Switzerland is a great example, with one of the smallest extensions within the countries of central Europe. Little by little clubs are being created and you should know that it is one of the countries outside of Sweden where the PDL chain is already established. And in Switzerland Padel10 is also one of the pioneering companies in terms of the construction of some of the first courts that made their appearance in the country. More than 5 years ago [...]



We would like to inform you that, according to the new approved Government’s regulation referring to the closure of all the non essential activities, PADEL10 stops all its activities as for production, shipping and receiving goods till a new date is given.  Anyway, the customer service and the administrative department will offer a regular service that could see its normality affected by any exceptional circumstances. We think that this is the most responsible measure that can be taken at the moment [...]


New Padel courts in Amsterdam

These are the new courts installed in Amsterdam, in the heart of a financial district known as Zuidas. The club is called “Play Padel Club” and is the third investment made by a Dutch padel lover, Erik de Wit, who is planning to undertake a new project in the Netherlands by inaugurating 7 more courts. The first step arrived back in 2012, when he opened the first Padel Club in London. 3 years later, he opened in the Netherlands the first [...]