The history of a padel court construction company can be full of anecdotes. In addition to all kinds, especially if we look at different areas where they have worked or are going to do so. The companies with a longer history in the padel industry have explored territories where the padel had not reached or its presence was minimal. In previous articles we have informed you about areas where the padel is coming with force.

Others where little by little courts are being installed and fans are being created. PADEL10 has installed courts in countries where padel simply did not exist, being a main actor in the development of padel there. Today we tell you about the PADEL10 challenge in Uzbekistan.

It all started with a phone call asking about the PADEL10 courts. Until then everything was within the usual since the Barcelona company receives calls daily. What was out of the ordinary was that the call came from Uzbekistan, a country where there were no padel courts. From the first moment they noticed that the interested parties were determined to install the first courts in this country. And some courts of the highest range, which denoted that the project was serious.

Once an agreement was reached, the courts left the PADEL10 factory bound for Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. And believe us, this was already an adventure in itself. The reason is none other than due to the war in Ukraine, the usual route had to be modified. The consequence of this is that the truck that transported the courts had to add a few hundred kilometers to its journey. Some time later than expected, the courts arrived at the Tashkent City Mall.

Many of you will have seen padel courts installed on rooftops. We wrote about it in a previous article. What you probably do not know is that the installation has a particularity. Great care must be taken since a mistake can cause anything from leaks to other more serious damage. Therefore the work is much more exhaustive than on a much firmer basis. For this, specialists in assembly of PADEL10 attended.

The work of these assemblers was not limited to assembling the courts but went further. They were in charge of training people from Uzbekistan to create teams that could take care of the assembly. This is another of the contributions of PADEL10 and that will surely contribute to the installation of more courts. In fact, the 2 courts installed in BeFit Sky were the first, but some more have already been built in other clubs in Uzbekistan. We can assure you that the treatment that the club managers gave to the PADEL10 workers was worthy of the best hosts. They will remember the experience with the country’s gastronomy for a long time.

Two high-end courts installed and a new country where the company with a court factory in Barcelona (Spain) had arrived. The balance was positive in an operation that had a very special component. It is evident that those responsible for new projects that decide on PADEL10 value many aspects. Quality, seriousness, commitment… and a knowledge that allows them to continue reaching countries where padel is not known. Also growing in places with a greater implementation of our favorite sport. Padel10 challenge in Uzbekistan achieved.

News Source: PADEL LANDS

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